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Personalized events that achieve the highest service level.

The success of an event essentially depends on how the participants experience the service provided before, during and after the event. It is our goal to make all guests, be it your clients or your own employees, feel comfortable at all times and help them enjoy their stay.
Every change can be recorded in real time and monitored via the database. So no matter how big your event may be, you will always keep track of everything. The following examples show some of the possibilities our guest management has to offer.

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Automated check-in
By entering his personal ID number, the guest can comfortably print out his name tag or ID card on site.

Within seconds after the guest has checked in with the ID card, the event staff has access to all important guest information. There is no need for inconvenient waiting, asking or searching.

The cloakroom number of the guest is entered into the system while his luggage is safely stored or transported directly to his hotel room.

Valuables are safely stored and clearly identified by the database via the ID card.

Information and communication
The guest is identified through his ID card. At information terminals, he can keep up with interesting activities, arrange his personal schedule and contact other guests.

Guidance system
An intelligent guidance system identifies the participant and leads him to his next destination which is stored in the database, e.g. his seat at the evening event or the location of his next workshop.

NFC mobile phones (Near Field Communication) are used for access control of special areas (e.g. workshops, VIP areas, press areas) or special events (e.g. gala dinners). For real-time updates, the data are sent via text message to the database.

Seat assignment
The assignment of seats is constantly matched to the latest list of participants. Thus, an optimal assignment is guaranteed after every change of reservation or cancellation.

For certain groups of participants, the ID card also functions as a means of payment, e.g. for meals and drinks.