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The journey is the reward.

A relaxed journey of the guests is key to a successful event. With the database, SELECTID integrates all relevant information into a single system: travel options of the participants, hotel bookings, luggage logistics and shuttle services on site.
The system ensures that changes, e.g. flight delays or changes of reservation, are recorded at any time to allow for immediate adjustments.

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Thanks to the web-based database, accreditation is possible at different locations at the same time, e.g. at the venue and at the airport.

Smart labels on the luggage make it possible to clearly identify and locate every suitcase. This way, you always know for sure where the luggage is - no matter if all suitcases are brought to the same location or have to be distributed to different hotel rooms.

Shuttle service
No matter how many persons arrive, no matter from how many countries they come and to how many hotels they have to be brought: the more complex the transportation infrastructure becomes, the more important it is to keep track of everything at all times and to monitor every single ride in real time.

A modern parking guidance system allows for the flexible coordination of different arrival and departure times. Parking spaces, for example, can be assigned dynamically to avoid bottlenecks.

In advance of the event, every participant can choose his preferred train connection and make a binding booking via the system. This service makes the planning of arrival and departure times considerably easier.

Guidance system
An intelligent guidance system identifies the participant and leads him to the right bus and/or the next train or plane connection.

All travel options, both scheduled and charter flights, can be organized and flexibly managed with the database.

Reservations, bookings, changes of reservation, cancellations, special requests ... As it is possible to enter data locally, even the smallest details can be managed and retrieved independently within a single database.