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Perfectly planned trade fairs for best contacts.

With SELECTID, trade fair visitors are enabled to plan their stay in a very comfortable and effective way. At terminals, they can compile a list of the exhibitors or lectures they are interested in and can easily find the location of the corresponding booths. Moreover, participants can save their trade fair documents as digital files and are able to download them at home.
On the one hand, this is environmentally friendly as exhibitors have to produce, transport and store less printed matter. On the other hand, exhibitors obtain structured contact data of potential clients and come to know who took part in their lectures or workshops.

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Automated check-in
By entering his personal ID number, the guest can comfortably print out his name tag or ID card on site.

At the reception desk, the visitor receives his ID card, e.g. after scanning the bar code on his confirmation.

With the ID card, the cloakroom number of the guest is entered into the system while his luggage is safely stored.

Valuables are safely stored and clearly identified by the database via the ID card.

The guest can arrange to meet contact persons at the booth (via text message, callback function).

Guidance system
An intelligent guidance system identifies the participant and leads him to his next destination which is stored in the database, e.g. his seat at the evening event or the location of his next workshop.

NFC mobile phones (Near Field Communication) are used to identify registered guests of special exhibitions, workshops, seminars or press events. For real-time updates, the data are sent via text message to the database.

Planning the visit
At interactive terminals, the visitor identifies himself with his ID card and creates his personal program (a list of exhibitors and lectures he would like to visit). According to this program, he can print out his personal route map.

Ordering documents
At terminals, the guest can leave his electronic business card and order digital catalogs. These documents are sent to his e-mail address or trade fair account for download. In return, the exhibitors get a list of all prospective clients that have requested their documents.

Contacting guests
The lecturer receives a list of all participants of his lecture in order to contact them, e.g. for customer relationship management.