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Home Picture European Dealer Event Davos 2012
Home Picture European Dealer Event Davos 2012
Home Picture European Dealer Event Davos 2012
Home Picture European Dealer Event Davos 2012
Home Picture European Dealer Event Davos 2012
Home Picture Building KnowLEDge Tour
Home Picture BSH Produktpräsentation
Home Picture BSH Produktpräsentation
OSRAM and Siemens – Building KnowLEDge Tour

On their first European tour together, OSRAM and Siemens have demonstrated that modern LED technology is highly efficient, flexible and creative. Targeted at electricians, lighting designers and architects, the events were full of interesting information on LED applications in shop, office and hospitality lighting. Moreover, innovations in building automation were also part of the tour. With the help of product exhibitions and four expert forums, the guests could gain detailed knowledge on the topics of basic LED know-how, lighting design with LEDs, lighting control and building services engineering.

In the organization of the Building KnowLEDge Tour, the professional guest management of SELECTID was a perfect complement to the general event management expertise of Löhr & Partner and has proven its worth in a total of 12 different countries. Starting with the kick-off in Munich, the event series toured through 8 other German cities and 12 European metropolises, among them Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Warsaw und Milan.

Film on the event »
Series of 21 single-day events all over Europe from February to September 2011

Traditional factory buildings, providing an exciting environment for the presentation of high-tech LED products (tension between the "old" and the "new")

Over 10,000 trade visitors from 12 European countries

Our objectives:
  • Development of a modular event concept for a wide range of different locations based on the experiences gained from a test event
  • Preparation of locations for trouble-free event execution
  • Individual guest support
Our services:
Project management in three stages, acting as an interface between all trades:

Stage 1:
  • Selection of locations with visits to over 200 potential venues
  • Contract arrangement with location managers
  • Issuing of all calls for tenders
Stage 2:
  • Development and execution of test event in Munich
  • Analysis of experiences gained from test event to optimize all involved trades
Stage 3:
  • European tour of high-tech product presentations and multimedia lectures on intelligent LED and building technologies (nine 40-ton trucks of equipment)
  • On-site services at all venues: guest management, organization of technical services and implementation of event concept according to local requirements
  • Visitor communication in 10 languages
  • Save-the-date notice, invitation (print), event portal (online) including registration, confirmation sets
  • Efficient cloakroom concept
  • Hostess management
  • Accreditation (via bar code and local database)
  • Monitoring of all processes and troubleshooting

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