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Home Picture European Dealer Event Davos 2012
Home Picture European Dealer Event Davos 2012
Home Picture European Dealer Event Davos 2012
Home Picture European Dealer Event Davos 2012
Home Picture European Dealer Event Davos 2012
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Home Picture BSH Produktpräsentation
Home Picture BSH Produktpräsentation
Mercedes-Benz – International Dealer Conference

In May 2012, Mercedes-Benz representatives from all over Europe came together for the International Dealer Conference in Davos. The highest city of Europe had been deliberately chosen as the location of the event as the conference theme was "To the top" and the participants were prepared for the company's journey to the top of the market in the period up to 2020. This ambitious goal was reflected by a highly emotional, all-embracing scenario - with spectacular interactive features, elaborately staged workshops, fascinating imageries and a breathtaking market presentation on ice.

The time and space coordination of various groups of participants, which is a general logistical challenge, was particularly difficult in this case, as the whole city of Davos was included in the event and the participants had to be guided to many different locations. Furthermore, the organization team also had to manage several top-class VIP and special events, ensuring that everything went off without a hitch.

Four days with two separate waves of visitors: owners/executive directors and service managers of Mercedes-Benz car dealerships

Zurich Airport, Davos Congress Center, Vaillant Arena Davos, Schatzalp, smaller locations for evening events and a temporary building for about 1,500 persons

About 2,300 representatives from all European countries

Our objectives:
  • Full consideration of the special logistical requirements of the location Davos at all times
  • Fast, discreet and trouble-free logistic service in the background
  • Close cooperation with the client’s project team and the individual country organizations (high information flow)
Our services:
  • Participant coordination interface for 20 Mercedes-Benz country organizations
  • Complete on-site transportation logistics including 50 VIP shuttle vehicles and over 700 individual transfers
  • Fully responsible for the hotel coordination (19 hotels for the participants, 8 hotels for the event staff) with over 10,000 overnight stays
  • Luggage logistics from Zurich Airport to the hotel room and back
  • Visitor communication in 14 languages for over 60 different target groups
  • Save-the-date notice, invitation (print), event portal (online) including registration, confirmation sets including personal RFID card
  • Hostess management (about 200 hostesses)
  • Monitoring of all processes (luggage, accreditation, hostesses, transportation, flight logistics, hotels) and troubleshooting

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