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The data may change, but you will never lose track of the big picture.

Professional guest support is unthinkable without a continuously updated database. Therefore, SELECTID specifically focuses on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), currently the most innovative technology for automatic identification and data collection.

Real-time data collection
With the RFID system, all data of the guests are collected in real time and are continuously updated. Thus, we can optimally support every guest from the invitation and registration to the actual event, providing all required arrival, guidance, access control and communication services.

The technology
The core of the RFID system is the transponder, a computer chip with an integrated antenna, e.g. in a RFID card that every guest carries with him/her. Via radio waves, the chip communicates with readers that are connected to the database. Therefore, the database is able to reflect every data change without any delay.

The advantages
In comparison to other machine-readable technologies, such as bar code or magnetic strips, the main advantage of RFID is the contactless communication between reading/writing device and transponder. The RFID reader requires neither optical nor physical contact. Via the antenna of the transponder, an electromagnetic field produces the energy needed for the reading, saving and sending of data. The reading direction is unimportant. Moreover, RFID media are not susceptible to wet conditions, contamination or mechanical influences.

After every event, the RFID cards are collected and professionally recycled to reduce their environmental impact to a minimum.

Environmentally friendly system
In order to optimize the environmental balance of an event, we offer bar code systems as an alternative to RFID. In this case, we use special compostable ID cards which are also collected after the event.