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Specialists in integrated solutions.

In our team, everyone does his specific job, but also thinks out of the box. Paying attention to every detail while seeing the whole picture results in a service package with which you can manage the most complex projects.
Adrian Achatz

Field: Consulting/event management

Hobby gardener or "black thumb"?
I love Japanese stone gardens ...

Haute cuisine or fast food?
Self-explanatory: my friends affectionately call me "the chef".

Someone gives you a ticket for an AC/DC concert. Do you use it or do you give it to someone else?
This is only for people who feel well on the "highway to hell".

Football or opera?
Football every week. Opera once a year, if possible open air in Verona ... that's enough.

The best idea I ever had:
To put my studies of macroeconomics on hold or to drop out of university. Depends on how you look at it ...

If I were to emigrate, I'd probably move to:
This is out of the question if you live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

If I was King of Germany, I would ...
... convert all Bavarian castles into private retreats and would finally complete the unfinished castles of King Ludwig the Second.