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In our team, everyone does his specific job, but also thinks out of the box. Paying attention to every detail while seeing the whole picture results in a service package with which you can manage the most complex projects.
Claudia von Chossy

Field: Consulting/event management

The first car:
A dark blue, 60-HP Ford Fiesta which I got for my 18th birthday. At the time, the car was already 13 years old and had a bit of a rust problem, but was still running just fine.

Early bird or late riser?
Early bird, no doubt. After all, I want to have my fair share of the rest of the day and I want to get a lot of things done.

As a child, I wanted to be ...
... a veterinarian, so I could help sick animals. Probably like half of all little girls, I guess.

TV or a book?
Both. I like to get lost in other worlds. When I watch TV, I simply want to be entertained. With a good book, I can let my imagination run free and really get absorbed in the story.

A camping trip ...
... is okay if the weather’s fine and we’re talking about a weekend, not a whole week of camping. To be honest, the thought of lying in a tent and trembling from the cold doesn’t strike me as particularly exiting. Given the choice, I’d rather prefer a mountain hut or a trailer, but I’m not sure if that still passes as "camping".

If I were to emigrate, I’d probably move to:
New Zealand. I’ve been there once and came back totally hooked. New Zealand is a fascinating country that just brims over with unique natural wonders. I’d definitely go on that trip again, anytime.

Hobby gardener or "black thumb"?
Let’s put it this way: I love my ficus tree. It makes it perfectly clear when it wants to be watered again and is therefore virtually indestructible. That’s the perfect plant for me.