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In our team, everyone does his specific job, but also thinks out of the box. Paying attention to every detail while seeing the whole picture results in a service package with which you can manage the most complex projects.
Mark-Oliver Löhr

Field: Executive management

The first car ...
... I was allowed to drive was the Opel Kadett GSI of my mom with 150 HP. Quite a machine for a rookie. My first own car was a turquoise Opel Corsa with only 45 HP. Its engine used to stop while driving.

Favorite CD:
Grönemeyer's "Zwölf" and the corresponding concert in Munich in the summer of 2007 were the best I have ever heard and seen.

Have you ever begged for an autograph?
Yes, I begged Sepp Maier (if anybody still knows him) when I was six years old. He sat at the next table in an Italian restaurant.

Someone gives you a ticket for an AC/DC concert. Do you use it or do you give it to someone else?
I would definitely use it. AC/DC is particularly perfect for jogging as you don't notice that you get faster and faster ... or at least you think you get faster.

Football or opera?
Football and opera, each at the right time.

The best idea I ever had:
A technical patent in my previous job. I'm not going into any details - and if I did, everyone would probably say: didn't know that someone can invent something like that.

A camping trip ...
... is out of the question for me. A solid bed and an own shower are amenities that should not be underestimated.