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Sebastian Neubauer

Field: Consulting/event management

The first car:
It was a beautiful, bright yellow "duck" (Citroën 2CV), which I drove straight against the wall when I was four. At that time, I was obsessed with playing in my parents' car and acting as if I was really driving.

Have you ever begged for an autograph?
Ok, I did it. But begging is not the right word. After his concert in the "Schlachthof" in Munich, I sat down at a table with Mr. Schiffkowitz from the Austrian band STS and talked with him about everything under the sun. It was a very funny evening. In the end, he asked me if I wanted an autograph. Oh, and there was Kjetil André Aamodt, which I still consider one of the best ski racers in the world. In Kitzbühel, he spotted me in the crowd as I was waving the only Norwegian flag among all the Austrian fans.

Haute cuisine or fast food?
I'm not one of those guys that only eat to get full. It simply tastes too good. That's why I eat fast food only if I can't avoid it. Haute cuisine on the other hand is a matter of interpretation. Schnitzel and potato salad get me more excited than lobster or oysters.

Theory about the lost sock in the washing machine:
I know about it ... but it happens to me rather on the way to the washing machine. Or on the way to the dryer. Or in the closet. Lately, I found my USB stick in the washing machine. It was a completely new experience for me, but you have to keep up with the times.

Early bird or late riser?
Well, both. I like to get up early to make most of the day. Unfortunately, I have to pay for it in the evening and fall into some kind of coma. Therefore, I sleep quite long, although I get up early.

Football or opera?
What a question?! Football of course!!! Although I realized quite early in the E and F leagues that I have no talent for football at all. Anyway, it's much better to celebrate this sport in the stadium with beer, bratwurst and lots of intelligent comments.

A camping trip ...
... only comes into consideration if I don't have to sleep in a tent. After all, I'm a passionate VW bus driver - and that with all my heart. Lately, I had to part with my old bus. Now I belong to the group of T5 drivers, who are often looked down upon at meetings of bus fans.